Signing up for Parks, Recreation & Libraries programs is getting easier

Updated January 08, 2018
Beginning in January, registering for parks & recreation programs is getting easier with improved searching capabilities, easy account creation and improvements to help integrate program information with your personal calendars.

Create your account by visiting Follow these steps to get started!

Getting started
  1. Visit and select “Create an Account”
  2. Fill out all of the required fields

Reset your password
  1. Login with the username and password emailed to you
  2. Reset your password when prompted. Password must:
    • Be over 10 characters
    • Not include sequences (123 or abc)
    • Include at least one upper case, lower case, number and symbol.
Add family
  1. Select My Profile and then My Info
  2. Add Family members

More details coming soon but for now if you want to register for a program or change something you are already registered for, call us at (916) 772-PLAY (916-772-7529 x1)