Water utility

  • Operate a 100 million gallon per day treatment plant
  • Maintain 600 miles of pipes, 4,500 hydrants, three water tanks that equal 20 million gallons of water
  • Manage six active groundwater wells and two pump stations

Wastewater utility

  • Operate two wastewater treatment facilities that have the capacity to treat up to 30 million gallons of water daily
  • Maintain 505 miles of sewer mainlines, 246 miles of sewer laterals and 11,195 manholes
  • Deliver one billion gallons of recycled water annually

Waste Services (trash and recycling)

  • Roseville collects more than 100,000 tons annually
  • One truckload can hold trash for 225 houses
  • Average home produces 30 and 50 pounds per can
  • Collects up to 40 tons of organic waste weekly

Recycled water

  • We deliver one billion gallons of recycled water
  • More than 80 sites use this resource for outdoor irrigation
  • Roseville Electric uses recycled water for its cooling process at the Roseville Energy Park