Wastewater collections crew ring in the New Year

Updated January 17, 2019
Wastewater collections crew ring in the New Year
When things are flushed down the toilet accidentally, you’d assume that they’re long gone. When it’s of value — like a wedding ring— you’re already making plans to call your insurance to replace it. And, even then, you’re dealing with the harsh and emotional reality that it’s not coming back and instead only a memory. And, to make matters worse, this ring was a heirloom. So the value of the ring was priceless.

This is where our awesome wastewater collections crew workers step in. This week, we received a call from a customer asking if we there was any way we could retrieve the ring. Certainly you hear these miracles happen from time to time, but usually probability isn’t on your side.

Our workers were on a mission. Checking pipes, manholes, the customers’ toilet and repeating the process several times over. After several hours: they assumed it was gone. The search was called off. But, with their persistence, they checked one last time. This time they saw a glimmer of hope — literally — as they shined light into the manhole and could see a subtle reflection. Low and behold: that glimmer was THE ring.  It was a heavy ring, so thankfully, it didn’t travel far; some 340 feet down the way from the customers home.

This was one part luck and two parts determination from our wastewater crew. We are happy to see this outcome and happy to say that not all heroes wear capes. Thank you crew for going above and beyond to help a Roseville Utility customer!

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