Short Range Transit Plan to be considered by City Council

Updated March 05, 2019
Roseville Transit's Short Range Transit Plan provides a multi-year guide for operational improvements and capital investments. 

At their Tuesday, Feb. 19 meeting, the Transportation Commission recommended City Council adoption of the plan. The plan will be presented to the council at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1 for their consideration. The meeting will be held in the City Council chambers at 311 Vernon Street in Roseville. 

The Short Range Transit Plan evaluates a broad range of possibilities for Local, Commuter, and Dial-A-Ride services. Options with the greatest passenger benefits, while meeting mandated performance standards, will be developed in more detail. 

Over time, these detailed plans will be presented to the public for feedback. Please watch for more opportunities to provide input. You may also subscribe to our email updates at

View the Short Range Transit Plan.