Winner selected for water wise landscape makeover

Updated March 05, 2019
Winner selected for water wise landscape makeover
Another landscape in Roseville will become even more water wise this spring as Environmental Utilities selects its second winner as part of the “Sustain the Gains” low water-use landscape makeover contest. Longtime resident Kim Olson will have her front yard re-imagined into a low water-use landscape, which will include a landscape plan with plants that are water efficient and California native. The transformation will begin this month.

“We reviewed more than 3,600 entries and were moved by the passion of the community to convert their lawns into low water-use yards to benefit the environment,” said Bobby Alvarez, water efficiency manager with Roseville. “Our customers have shown yet again how much they care about water efficiency through their engagement and interest in the contest. Also, residents now realize that beautiful native and low water-use plants, flowers, and trees can transform a home.”

Roseville water efficiency staff reviewed all entries. Kim Olson’s essay stood out because of her belief in the need for water efficiency. “Water conservation for a Californian is a way-of-life and we are responsible for being the care taker it so desperately needs,” Olson described in her submission. “Being an active member of this society to meet that goal is crucial, not only for long term sustainability, but to show our children and community an example by action and deed.”

Even though the contest is over, and despite considerable amounts of rainfall and snow pack, Environmental Utilities still provides incentives for Roseville residents to continue their water efficient behaviors through programs like Cash for Grass, which helps Roseville residents convert their water-thirsty grass to a beautiful, water-efficient landscape. Through the Cash for Grass program, Roseville residents can receive $1.00 per square foot to a maximum of $1,000 per household of turf grass removed when replaced with a water-efficient landscape. The City of Roseville also has a plant list which is a customized database to learn what water-wise plants work in the Sacramento Region.

For more information on rebates, the plant list and other water saving tips, visit

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