Roseville celebrates its 110th anniversary of incorporation

Updated April 15, 2019
Roseville celebrates its 110th anniversary

Roseville is very proud to celebrate the City’s 110th anniversary this month. In the early 1900s, the Transcontinental Railroad intersected with an existing rail line at a place called “The Junction” located at present-day Roseville.

A tiny community of about 250 workers instantly grew around this spot. In 1905, the rail facilities in Rocklin, CA moved a few miles to “The Junction.” Almost overnight, Roseville went from a serving as a little shipping station, blossoming into the most important freight-handling terminal on the west coast.

That growth and success continue through today. We are proud of our accomplishments, the defined growth, and the quality of our community. Decades of City staff have planned and facilitated this growth through times of wealth, recession, and national emergencies.

In 1909, we incorporated as The City of Roseville.

We encourage you to watch these videos that explore our history, providing an insight into the City's collective challenges and triumphs:

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 * History of Railroad – All the Livelong Day
 * Rose Parade Documentary
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