Getting a permit for your home project doesn't have to be confusing - try our Residential Building Permit Guide

Updated June 24, 2019
Image for Residential Building Permit Guide

Getting a permit for your home project doesn’t have to be confusing.

If you need help, try our residential building permit guide. Just answer a few simple questions, and the guide will help you prepare your forms if a permit is required.

Once you’ve prepared your forms, you can then submit your permit application online or in person in our Permit Center.

If you’re applying for something other than a residential building permit, follow steps 1-3 on our Applications, Forms, & Handouts page to prepare your forms.


If you’re already a permitting wizard and know what you need, all of our forms are available here.

No matter your experience with getting a permit, you can always call us with questions.

Getting your project started as quickly as possible is our primary goal.