GIS Day brings area techies together

Updated July 30, 2019
GIS Day brings area techies together
The City recently celebrated International GIS Day by exploring the use of geographic information systems (GIS) data. That’s the technology behind Google Maps. In simple terms, GIS drives the interactive maps on your phone that get you from here to there, creating maps and providing you with driving directions in real time. 

The City uses this type of interactive data in multiple applications that span all departments, including utilities, planning and development, streets, law enforcement, and public relations. This powerful tool can have applications to almost every facet of the organization. 

GIS attendees in discussion
Staffers from several area municipalities gathered together at the Roseville GIS Day event. 

“It’s good to have this group get together,” said Scott Adrian, Roseville IT Program Manager. “I see people sharing stories, sharing ideas, and how people solve common struggles. That was one of our key goals, was to get this group together.”

GIS Arial shot of attendees

Staffers from Lincoln, Rocklin, Placer County, and Auburn gathered to explore how they can better connect to facilitate everyday activities and react to emergency events. By building these relationships, the community can better understand their partner agency’s needs and function within their communities.

Regional partners collaborating on GIS issuesRegional partners collaborating on GIS issues.

The day’s activities included a discussion for their industry, a demonstration of how both our Police and Public Affairs and Communication Departments use drones to gather information and images. Later, participants participated in a GIS-oriented scavenger hunt. They used real-time satellite information and smartphones to locate hidden items throughout the downtown area. The exercise was a fun way to explore practical applications of GIS data systems.