Storm drain improvements underway in the Hillcrest neighborhood

Updated August 20, 2019
To help improve drainage, updates begin in August for the Hillcrest neighborhood’s storm drain system. The current network is more than 60 years old and does not meet today’s needs.

Damaged sections of curbs and gutters will also be replaced throughout the neighborhood. Curb ramps will be installed where sidewalks are present.

Work is scheduled to begin in August and conclude in early 2020. Construction hours are weekdays, approximately 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Please remember to travel with care through the construction zones and watch for work crews.

After drainage improvements are completed, neighborhood roadways are planned for repair and resurfacing in summer 2020. 

These approximately $3 million upgrades are funded by the gas tax you pay at the pump. No City General Fund money is contributing to the project.

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