Maintaining 5,000 fire hydrants in our community

Updated August 01, 2019
Maintaining 5,000 fire hydrants in our community

Sprinkled around the city are more than 5,000 fire hydrants.  They serve as a community safeguard as they are a critical component for active fire protection.  Did you know that your water distribution workers help maintain and repair these hydrants?  

We have a proactive maintenance program where we examine each hydrant thoroughly—inspecting more than 900 annually – so that our first responders have the proper flow should they need to use them.

As part of our routine maintenance process, we look for potential problems which could be anything from normal wear-and-tear and obstructions to damage as a result of a traffic accident.  We also flush the water distribution lines using the hydrants to remove sediment or debris and ensure proper pressures are maintained to meet fire protection standards.

In addition to protecting our residences, businesses and visitors, we’re also keen on protecting our natural environment when we conduct hydrant maintenance.  The flushed water is channeled into the storm drains, which leads directly into our local creeks and rivers.  Because of this, we de-chlorinate the water beforehand to protect wildlife and sensitive species as this water ultimately makes its way to the ocean.

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