Protect your self-storage unit from theft

Updated September 03, 2019
Protect your self-storage unit from theft

Falling victim to a burglary is always devastating…


Falling victim to a burglary is always devastating, but having your possessions stolen from a self-storage unit can come as a surprise. 

In the same way you may rely on alarm systems and neighborhood watch programs to protect your home from burglars.


You should be proactive about preventing theft at your self-storage unit.

  • Check your unit on a regular basis. 
  • Make an inventory of everything in your unit. This might seem like a pain, but it will be invaluable in the event something is taken. Make sure your inventory is accompanied with clear, well-lit photographs.lock
  • Use your own lock.  Take the time to choose a lock that will hold up against bolt cutters.  You should avoid buying a lock with a long shackle, which is the loop that passes through or around the object you’re locking. Instead, purchase a disc lock or a cylinder lock, both of which are difficult to cut.
  • Know what not to put in your storage unit.  Don’t put anything in your storage unit that insurance won’t cover in the event of a loss.  For example, cash and fine jewelry are better stored in a bank safety deposit box.


If your unit is burglarized, make sure to file a report with your local police department.