Draw district maps and other opportunities for public input on district-based City Council elections

Updated October 07, 2019

Public hearings on the details of moving to district-based elections for the Roseville City Council will begin September 18 and continue through November.

The City Council voted to adopt a resolution of intention to establish district-based elections at its September 4 meeting.

The decision to adopt a “district-based” election format isn’t due to a philosophical change by the City Council. Rather it’s a strategic, proactive move to potentially save the city millions of dollars in legal fees.

Read more about this decision by the City Council.

Items to consider district-based elections include:

  • Number of districts (either five districts or four districts with an at-large mayor),
  • District boundaries, and
  • Timing and sequencing of district elections.

Develop and submit your own voting district map at DrawRoseville.org by October 11, 2019.

Current members of the City Council will remain in office through their current terms. State law does not allow for the shortening or extension of the terms for sitting Councilmembers through this process.

The public hearings will take place during the City Council’s scheduled meetings at 6 p.m. on Wednesday September 18, October 2, October 23, November 6, and November 20, in the City Council Chambers at 311 Vernon Street.

The first two public hearings on September 18 and October 2 provide the public an opportunity to weigh in on the composition of the districts.

Subsequently, draft district maps will be drawn and the public hearings on October 23 and November 6 will provide an opportunity for public input regarding the content of the draft maps and proposed sequences of elections. The maps must be published at least seven days before the public hearings.

The fifth, and final, public hearing on November 20 will be for Council to consider an ordinance that establishes Roseville's district-based elections.

All City Council meetings and public hearings are open to the public.

City Council meetings are broadcast live on the city’s government access television station (Comcast 14, Consolidated Communications 73 and AT&T U-verse) and are streamed live on the city’s website. Afterwards, meetings can be viewed on-demand on the city’s website.

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