One arrested for making criminal threats

Updated September 12, 2019
Thursday, September 12th Roseville Police Department served a search warrant in the 4000 block of Southampton Street for a resident who sent threatening messages to neighbors.

Officers arrested Wen Jie Huang (dob 02/27/1969) of Roseville for making criminal threats.

An investigation started when Huang sent threatening text messages to a neighbor claiming to harm anyone who entered his front yard. Included in the threatening text messages was a photograph of a Glock handgun with gun magazines and bullets.

This threat along with other interactions created an environment where neighbors feared for their safety.

Huang was arrested and booked into Placer County Jail. His firearm was seized pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility and making threats involving a firearm is illegal.

If anyone has further information about this suspect, please contact Detective Nakamura at [email protected]