Federal dollars being invested in Roseville community

Updated September 18, 2019

Roseville is benefiting from the continued investment of federal dollars into our community.

The City participates in the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, designed to enrich the community through services and development that work to reduce blight and support low-income residents.

Last year, the City provided nearly $90,000 of CDBG grant funding to St Vincent de Paul, Stand Up Placer, The Gathering Inn, Kids First, Advocates for Mentally Ill Housing (AMIH) and Seniors First. These organizations assisted more than 1,595 low-income youth, families, and individuals through these grants. The CDBG funds provided social services spanning from family therapy to victim services, delivered meals to homebound seniors, shelter, and mental health services for homeless individuals.

Local ownership housing programs assisted 40 low-income and middle income households with housing rehabilitation, lead-based paint reduction, and home purchases. Under the City’s affordable housing policy and with some local grant funds, 100 units of affordable rental housing was also completed.

These programs not only assist low-income residents, but also improve the housing stock quality and sustainability of the City’s older neighborhoods, reinvest in older commercial areas of the City, and promote neighborhood diversity within new subdivisions, ensuring a mix of incomes.

The City was able to complete facility projects this past program year through the use of the CDBG funding, and began the development of more housing. These projects include:

  • The installation of a walk-in freezer to aid the efforts of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in providing bags of food to low-income residents.
  • Provided accessibility improvements to the community’s Johnson Pool facility at 150 D Street, a city-owned pool that offers swimming lessons, bathing suits and towels to low-income residents.
  • Acquisition, demolition and construction start of the property at 134 Main Street, for the development of 3,000 square of commercial space and 65-affordable apartments, known as Main Street Plaza Apartments.

These numbers represent the City’s accomplishments during the fourth of the current five-year plan for CDBG funding.

To provide your input on future needs for this and other city grant funding, please complete our Community Needs Survey at Roseville.ca.us/housing

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