Update to the ongoing homicide investigation reported to the Roseville Police Department on Monday, October 14

Updated October 17, 2019

The following information is an update to the ongoing homicide investigation reported to the Roseville Police Department on Monday, October 14, 2019.

At this time, we believe we’ve identified a third crime scene in a rural part of Siskiyou County. Preliminary information points to this being the location where the adult male, who was found inside the vehicle on 10/14, was murdered.

We have a rough timeline of the sequence of events. At this time we won’t be releasing information about a possible motive or a presumption of what this timeline might mean.

  • Based on the current investigation it appears the homicides occurred on three separate days.
  • We believe the adult woman and juvenile female were killed on Monday, October 7
  • The juvenile male was killed the next day on Tuesday, October 8
  • And the fourth victim, the adult male, was killed on Sunday, October 13

As has been previously released, the suspect turned himself in to Mt. Shasta Police Department on Monday, October 14.

We have no information to release on why these killings were spread over this time frame as that’s a part of the ongoing investigation and any details would be presumptive at this point. 

We can confirm two of the victims attended schools in Roseville.

In regards to the primary and sole suspect we have in custody:

  • He has no local criminal history.
  • There has been no previous calls for service at his residence in Roseville.
  • The suspect has no current occupation.

We’re still looking for the public’s assistance in firming up the details of the timeline of these horrific incidents. If you’ve seen the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle at any time during the dates of October 4 - 14, please call the Roseville Police Department Investigations Unit at 916-746-1059.

The Placer County Sheriff Coroner’s Office is still working to notify the next of kin. For this reason we’re not releasing the identities of the victims. This is an intensive and sensitive process and we appreciate the public’s patience as we work through this investigation.