Changes for Local and Commuter bus services

Updated November 07, 2019
Take note of upcoming adjustments to Local and Commuter bus schedules. These minor changes go into effect on Monday, November 18

Commuter AM 8:
6:42 a.m. service to Mahany Park & Ride added

Commuter PM 8:
5:45 p.m. service to Mahany Park & Ride added

Route A: 
Removed bus stop on Riverside before Kenroy

Local Route D:

Pleasant Grove before Foothills bus stop time changed to 57 minutes after the hour

Bus stop added on northbound Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard just past Crimson Ridge

Local Routes A, B, and M:
Final departure of the day from the Galleria Transfer Point at 9:25 p.m. (no longer approximate)

View new Commuter Bus Services Guide

View new Local Bus Services Guide

Printed copies of the guides are available on all buses and at City facilities. 

For trip planning assistance, please email or call (916) or (530) 745-7560.