Winter Energy Saving Tips

Updated December 10, 2019
 Keep your home cozy and your bills reasonable,  here are eight low-cost, easy ways to lower your winter energy use.

Program your thermostat – Change your thermostat set point down to 68 degrees; your system will run less but still keep you warm enough.

Bundle up – Heat your home enough to keep away the chill, but don’t expect summer temperatures indoors. Using sweaters, socks, hot beverages and extra blankets help keep you cozy and your heating bill lower this year.

Put your ceiling fans in reverse – Some fans have a switch to reverse the spin and push warm air
down from the ceiling. Find the switch on the motor (the center part) and enjoy the warmth recirculating. Just like your lights, make sure you turn it off when you leave the room.

Replace your heater filters – Clean air filters help your heating system run more efficiently and move more air.
Know when to open and close your blinds or curtains – Keep window shades open during the day to take advantage of the heat from the sun. Close them at night to keep the heat inside.

Add weather stripping – Check your doors and windows every fall. Do they let in any drafts? Seal up your window frames and door frames with weather stripping, and add door sweeps to exterior doors and interior garage doors.

Close your windows – Do you leave the bathroom window open? Or leave the door open when you step outside? Be sure to keep them closed in the cooler parts of the day, and keep the heat inside.

Install insulation
– If you have an attic or crawlspace without insulation, adding insulation will help keep the heat from escaping. Making that investment this fall will also help keep your home cooler next summer!

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