More flashing yellow left turn signals coming to area streets

Updated January 06, 2020
flashing yellow arrow imageHave you ever had to wait at a red light to turn left when there were no cars coming and it was clear to go? This situation can be frustrating as well as cost you time and fuel.

The solution is a type of traffic signal with a flashing yellow left turn arrow. When the yellow arrow flashes, you are allowed to cautiously enter the intersection to make your turn after yielding to oncoming traffic, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Watch this video to see how it works.  

In January, several signals with this feature will be installed on Foothills Boulevard at the following intersections: 
•  Albertsons Drive,
•  HP/FedEx driveway,
•  McKesson driveway, and
•  Misty Wood Drive.

Flashing yellow arrow signals have shown to reduce emissions up to 12% and delays by up to 50%, saving you time and money.

You’ll eventually see these traffic signals popping up throughout the area, including Elk Grove and Sacramento County. They’ve been successfully used for many years in other parts of California, Nevada, and across the nation. 

Roseville’s first flashing yellow arrow was added in 2016 at the Industrial Avenue and Freedom Way intersection. 

The cost of the improvements is approximately $10,000 and comes from the City’s fund for routine signal upgrades.  

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