What goes into your green waste bin?

Updated January 07, 2020
What goes into your green waste bin?
Lawn clippings, prunings, leaves, weeds and Christmas Trees are all the things you can put into your green waste bin.  Anything else should be trashed or recycled.

Did you know that items that are in your green waste bin are put to good use? Yep.  We actually transport the green waste material to the Materials Recovery Facility off Fiddyment and Athens (like where the photo above was taken) where it is recycled and turned into compost.

This allows us to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill and, instead, we create a useable product for customers to purchase.

Contamination of green waste bins can disrupt the composting process

When things like plastic bags, household garbage, glass, animal waste, construction debris or other unauthorized material are in the bin, it either takes more time to process or it cannot be composted and instead landfilled. 

Help keep the green waste as clean as possible! Interested in other disposal and recycling options?  Visit www.roseville.ca.us/recycling.

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