Roseville’s water supply contract extended – forever

Updated March 02, 2020
Roseville’s water supply contract extended – forever
Water means life and the Sacramento Region is no different.

Roseville and other local water suppliers reached a historic milestone February 28, 2020. Together, with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), several water supply contracts were inked that provide long-term reliability for our communities.

By way of background, we receive water supplies from a variety of sources – contracts with the Placer County Water Agency and San Juan Water District, our very own (and growing) groundwater wells, locally-produced recycled water and from BOR.

We have always had a contract with BOR. But, for some time, it was interim in nature. This historic signing is more than just ink on a paper. It means that our water resources from Folsom Lake will remain in place in perpetuity.

Through federal provisions, we were able to secure a long-term contract with the federal government, which allows for water supply certainty and consistent cost structure moving forward.

Reliable water supplies are the bedrock for investments and resource management. It means our communities can grow smartly. It allows us to maintain high quality of life and uphold the natural amenities people enjoy in our region.

In other words, water supply reliability is our region’s competitive advantage and will help towards stimulating further investment in Roseville and the region.

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