Educational resources for families and schoolchildren

Updated March 25, 2020
Looking for educational activities to do at home? Check out these resources.

Activities for families

Make a museum activities
Luci Creative offers five super fun at-home make-a-museum activities for young children.

Bingo game
B-I-N-G-O! Print out this bingo game and cut out each set. Challenge your family to see who can cross off five squares in a row - up, down or diagonal - first. Who's got the stamina to get a Black Out - crossing off all the squares? How long does it take? Good luck!

Educational coloring pages and activity books

Learn about utilities: 5 coloring pages for 2 - 8 year olds
What happens when you flush? What uses electricity in your house? Where does stormwater go? Print out these coloring pages and your child can learn about our utilities while enjoying some creative time.

Utilities at work: 1 coloring page for 5 - 12 year olds
Get out your colored pencils and have some fun finishing this neighborhood where all your utilities are hard at work.

On-line educational games and activities

Curiosity at home activities for all ages
Ignite your curiosity with streaming live science shows, hands-on STEM activities, tutorials and interviews offered by Pacific Science Center. These educational activities and resources are meant to inspire and excite people of all ages about science.

Discover water on-line games for 7 - 12 year olds
Your child can have some fun discovering the important role of water in our lives through free, on-line games and activities offered by DiscoverWater, a self-directed educational resource. 

Mystery Science mini lessons

What if there were no electricity?
Your 4th - 6th grade student will be introduced to electricity as a form of energy and investigate how electrical energy requires a circuit. Make your own mini flashlight from LEDs, button batteries and strips of aluminum foil.

When you turn on the faucet, where does your water come from?
Your 4th - 6th grade student will learn about the existence of underground water. Your family can play a game to select the best site to build a town by evaluating the features of the landscape, plants in the area and clues from the soil and then decide where to dig a well.

Where does energy come from?
Your 4th - 6th grade student will discover the different sources of energy and complete an activity helping a town get all the energy it needs.

How much water is in the world?
Your 4th - 6th grade student will use estimation and graphing to discover the surprising difference in the amounts of fresh and salt water on earth.

Craft ideas

Upcycled greeting card
Got old magazines or school work? Perfect! Follow these instructions to make an upcycled greeting card. You can reduce waste while letting your loved ones know you're thinking of them. 

Planet Protector comic books

Join our team of Planet Protectors - Brandon, Johnny and Danica - in taking care of this place we call home, the earth. Read our comic books and complete the games and puzzles inside. Please note: due to the file size, it may take a few moments for the PDFs to load.

Ghost House Mystery

Tale of Cruddy Creek

Wasteland Nightmare