Regional first responders see an alarming rise of Fentanyl

As the Placer County region works through the challenges and adjustments of this global health pandemic, we have seen an alarming trend in illegal drug use and substance abuse. 

This has unfortunately resulted in an increase of drug overdoses and drug related deaths.

On Sunday, May 24, the Roseville Police and Fire Departments responded to a medical aid call with reports of an unconscious person. As first responders arrived on-scene, they discovered a female in her 30’s suffering from an apparent drug overdose. Roseville Fire Department Paramedics began administering Narcan (also known as naloxone), an opioid antagonist used for the complete or partial reversal of an opioid overdose. After multiple doses of Narcan were given, the female began breathing and showing signs of revival. She was transported to an area hospital where she continued her treatment and fortunately survived the incident.

As officers searched the home, they found signs of significant child neglect and possible illegal drug use. Three children were removed from the home; two of the children were taken into child protective custody.

We’re sharing this incident with you because we hope it will serve as a sobering reminder to anyone who may be suffering from substance addiction. It should also serve as a call to action for families who may suspect their loved one is struggling with substance abuse and addiction. The Roseville Police Department, along with our partners at the Placer County Sheriff’s Office can attest to an increase of drug-related problems in the region.

We believe, on a more consistent basis, the highly potent substance Fentanyl is being abused within the community.  Fentanyl is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid that is 50 times more potent than heroin. Fentanyl and other analogs, such as carfentanil, have also been mixed with powder heroin. Recently, they have been found in counterfeit pills made to look like prescription sedatives and painkillers, including Xanax and OxyContin.

The dangers of an increase of Fentanyl use in our region could have catastrophic effects. Those who abuse prescription drugs or heroin laced with fentanyl are at a much higher risk of overdose and death. If first responders are able to arrive in time, Narcan is the only option that can reverse a fentanyl overdose.

Roseville Police, Fire and the Placer County Sheriff’s Office all partner with Sierra Community Medical Foundation’s Rx Drug Safety Program. This organization is an incredible resource for anyone in need of assistance with drug related dangers.

This program can provide:

- Resources for those suffering from addiction.

- Assistance for family members who suspect a loved one has drug addiction.

- Access to anyone seeking Narcan to prevent an overdose death.


If you’re in need, please reach out to the Sierra Community Medical Foundation for assistance.

Phone: 916-630-7030

Email: [email protected]



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