We can design a program to fit your needs!

Whether you are working towards a scout badge or looking to make your community a better place to live, our experienced staff can provide you with a memorable and educational experience.
Trash pile in the Utility Exploration Center

Exhibit Hall Tours

Our guided tours of the exhibit hall will be customized to fit your group's interests and learning levels. Choose from any or all of our three areas of interest for your tour: 1) electricity, 2) solid waste and recycling and 3) water use and watersheds. 

Hourly fee per person

Sign up LEED building

LEED Building Tours

Take a one hour tour of Placer County's first Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified facility. See the recycled and repurposed materials that make up the building and learn how it runs with reduced energy and water use and lower operating costs.

Hourly fee per person
Wastewater Treatment Plant tour

Free Facility Tours

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at one of our Wastewater Treatment Plants. Find out how our Wastewater Utility treats millions of gallons of water daily as it leaves Roseville homes and businesses and is returned to local creeks or recycled to water golf courses and streetscapes.

Free tour. Tour length is about one mile of walking. Must be at least 12 years old to attend.

Three Brownies at the Utility Exploration Center

Girl Scout Tours

We have three Girl Scout tours to help your troop work toward a specific journey badge. Badges must be provided by leaders and purchased at the Girl Scout store, they are not available at the Center.

Daisies – Between Earth and Sky

Our plants and water program aims to help Daisies complete many of the components of the Between Earth and Sky Journey. Daisies will learn to express their feelings, consider the feelings of others and other living things, explore special skills of plants and create their own tool to help protect our watershed.

Hourly fee per person, 1 hour tour

Brownies – Wonders of Water

Our water program is customized to help Brownies complete half or more of the requirements for the journey, Wonders of Water. Once your tour is completed with us, you'll need to decide what plan you want to make to save water yourself and then share this plan with others. (Details in the leader guide on page 10.)

Hourly fee per person, 1.5 hour tour

Juniors – Get Moving

Our energy program is designed to help Juniors complete two of the three pieces of the Journey, Energize and Investigate. Once your tour is complete with us, you’ll need to decide how you're going to take action to do something to save energy in your community. (Details in the leader guide on page 8.)

Hourly fee per person, 2 hour tour

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UEC tours are temporarily suspended. Please call us at (916) 746-1550 for information.

Our programs range in length from one to two hours and topics include energy conservation, waste reduction, water conservation and watershed protection. 

$3.50 per person - 1 hour tour
$4.00 per person - 1.5 hour tour
$4.50 per person - 2 hour tour

Minimum charges apply to groups smaller than 10. Free tour add-ons include a Zero-Waste Lunch Dump.