Historic Old Town businesses: Receive assistance with outdoor dining

Updated August 18, 2020
To support Historic Old Town restaurants and help safely increase outdoor occupancy, the City of Roseville is assisting with funding patio areas, similar to the dinning platforms along Vernon Street

Funding is available on a first-come first-served basis. Money comes from City of Roseville Advantage Roseville funds, established to support the business community, including the City Council goal of revitalizing the Downtown/Old Town area.   

Roseville made changes in May to allow Roseville restaurants to temporarily add or expand outdoor dining through a streamlined, minimal cost process. This effort is another way the City is working to improve the local economic environment during a time of unprecedented disruption.  

Other businesses located outside of Historic Old Town and the Vernon Street corridor are encouraged to contact us to explore opportunities to add outdoor seating.

Get started. Contact Wayne Wiley, Economic Development Manager, by email or calling (916) 774-5283. Please respond by Friday, September 18. 

For more COVID-19 business resources, visit roseville.ca.us/BusinessHelp

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