Roseville's future housing blueprint needs your input

Updated August 18, 2020
The City is starting to update the housing blueprint for the City, known as the Housing Element.  The Housing Element considers the City’s needs for housing access, inventory, affordability, and quality. It is a critical part of the City’s efforts to preserve, improve, and develop housing accessible to everyone in our community.

While some of the City’s housing goals are likely to remain the same, such as enabling the construction of high-quality housing, improving the existing housing stock, and providing new affordable housing opportunities, the City wants to make sure the update enhances the quality of life for all residents and provides opportunities for sustainable and affordable housing.

Your input and participation is key to the success of this process. Learn more, provide your comments and sign up for updates here.

The City will need to plan for approximately 12,066 new housing units for all income groups during the 8-year life of the Housing Element, from 2021–2029.  This target is based on a regional allocation by the state, and then to member jurisdictions by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.  The total housing goal represents the addition of 1,508 housing units every year.

While the City already has land use capacity to meet the goal for market-rate housing, the City does not have the capacity to meet the goal for lower income housing.  The lower income target is 6,178 units, which makes up more than half of our overall target.  Meeting the goal for lower income housing will be especially important and challenging.

In the coming months, the City will be reaching out to residents and stakeholders through social media, workshops, and other outreach events to receive feedback on how best to meet our required housing targets and shape the vision for housing in the City. 

After conducting this outreach, City planners will complete a first draft of the Housing Element and release it for public review. Ultimately, the updated Housing Element will be submitted to City Council for adoption and to the California Department of Housing and Community Development for approval.

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