Work begins to expand groundwater program

Updated September 02, 2020
Work begins to expand groundwater program

We are working diligently to expand our network of groundwater wells in Roseville. Today, we have six wells that have the ability to both extract and store water beneath the aquifer.

To increase our water supply reliability, we are beginning exploratory work to add more wells to our network. This starts with drilling permanent monitoring wells, which will begin at several locations throughout the city beginning next week and will last through November.

Why we need monitoring wells

Monitoring wells help us obtain necessary information to determine the viability (based on rock and soil formations) to locate a production well (it’s the permanent infrastructure that will allow us to extract and store water) and establish data on water quality, water volume and other information to ensure we maintain a healthy and sustainable groundwater basin.


Where are we placing monitoring wells?

groundwater expansion map

There are eight locations for monitoring wells, on Galilee (near Industrial), Pleasant Grove Blvd (east of Sun City Blvd), at Maidu, Central and Vencil Brown Parks, the Campus Oaks development, Misty Wood (near Foothills and Pleasant Grove Blvd), and Marlin (near Cirby). View larger map here.

What do they look like?

Monitoring wells are non-descript and blend into the community. We have a number of these types of wells throughout the city, and most are not noticeable to the eye.

The photo below is from a parks site, and the monitoring well is on the bottom left with four yellow bollards surrounding the monitoring well that is in white.

monitoring well

What to expect during this phase of the groundwater expansion

The timeframe to drill each monitoring well is up to two weeks, although there will be some staging and clean up activity during this time as well. As we drill the wells, some nearby customers might experience low-level noise impacts. However, generally speaking, most will not notice. Drilling will take place during the daytime. We will have noise monitoring devices to ensure the levels are within an acceptable range and will work to mitigate noise where possible.

More information on our groundwater program

For more information about Roseville’s groundwater program, visit the program website. There you can find contact information if you have questions.

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