Residential food recycling coming to Roseville next year

Updated May 04, 2021
Residential food recycling coming to Roseville next year
The trash and recycling industry in California is changing. To reduce food waste and other organic debris in the landfill – which accounts for about 18 percent of what Californians dispose of each year – Senate Bill 1383 will require all California communities to source separate food waste from their trash and recycling by next year. The law also includes other organic waste, like green waste, but Roseville’s green waste program is already established.

For both residential and commercial customers, the goal is to reduce actual physical space in the landfill and reduce impacts related to climate change and reduction in methane gas.

Commercial businesses in Roseville that generate food waste are already participating in the City’s organics collection program, developed and implemented in 2016. Your Waste Services utility is working on program elements for a residential program.

“Organics waste reduction and food recovery mandates, driven by Senate Bill 1383 regulations, are the most significant changes that we have seen in three decades,” said Devin Whittington, refuse and stormwater utility manager. “We are evaluating program options that do not significantly change the way our residential customers interact with our service while also complying with state regulations.”

Right now, our Waste Services utility is conducting pilot testing in several residential communities. The purpose of this pilot is to see and understand the real-world conditions of introducing a new recycling bin and having customers use their green waste bin for both green and food waste. Customers would continue to use their black container for nonfood
and recyclable materials.

We do not have data to suggest an approach, but it will be determined by late summer/early fall. For questions or comments, please contact us at (916) 774-5780.

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