Cut your water use with rebates, house calls

Updated July 19, 2021
Cut your water use with rebates, house calls

There's never enough water to waste, especially now as we move into continued drought conditions. We have rebates and programs to help you extend the water resources we have. 


Your bathroom is the largest consumer of indoor water

Fortunately, we have a rebate to replace your older toilet with a more efficient model. You’ll save water one flush at a time! Receive up to $100 for replacing your older with a new lower per flush model.  toilet rebate

Speaking of toilets. Do you know how to check if your toilet is leaking? Here’s how:

  • Use food coloring or dye tablets.
  • Drop the tablet in the tank (not the bowl) and stir slightly. Do not flush the toilet. Wait 15 minutes. If color appears in the bowl, you have a leak.

A bad flapper often causes toilet leaks (we give you a replacement as part of our house call service.) Fixing your leaky toilet saves water – up to 50 gallons per day per toilet. 

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We make house calls -- free of charge!

If you have a bad flapper -- or want to find ways to save water both inside and out -- consider scheduling a free Water Wise House Call. These assessments are great at determining your water use and looking at ways you save water.

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Cash for grass? Yes, please


Want a show-stopper landscape that also is water efficient? Look no further than our Cash for Grass rebate. Customers like Lynda took advantage of our residential program to trade in turf for a landscape that is lower maintenance and saves water.  

Cash for grass


“It’s good because I’m not going to be wasting water, which is the key thing, and it looks very neat and tidy,” she said.


The Cash for Grass Program offers an incentive of up to $1,000 for residents to swap out lawn-heavy landscaping for more water-wise alternatives. Since the program began in 2008, nearly two million square feet of turf have been removed from the city’s homes and businesses.

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