Roseville announces 20 percent water conservation requirement in anticipation of worsening drought conditions later this year

Updated August 03, 2021
Roseville announces 20 percent water conservation requirement in anticipation of worsening drought conditions later this year
Roseville announced today that water users throughout Roseville would be required to reduce water use by 20 percent, beginning August 9. The mandatory conservation requirement builds upon the 10 percent voluntary water use reduction announced in May and recognizes that the water supply outlook worsens at Folsom Lake and throughout California.

Although the City has adequate supply to meet demands and continues to receive water from Folsom Lake, continued drought conditions throughout the fall and winter will further stress water deliveries from the reservoir to residents and environmental needs in the American River.

“The drought situation is becoming more urgent. In these hot summer months, now is time for everyone to work together to conserve water for our community and our region,” said Sean Bigley, assistant director of water. “We’re here to help residents reduce water use by 20 percent through information about watering days, water-smart practices, and available rebates. We will even make free house calls.”

Landscape watering is the single most significant use of water and accounts for up to 60 percent of water use in during the summer months. As part of the mandatory 20 percent reduction in water use, Roseville is implementing the following landscape watering restrictions, effective August 9:
  • Landscape watering may only occur three days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Landscape watering at businesses and other non-residential sites may only occur on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Watering restrictions do not apply to drip irrigation systems.
  • Effective September 1, watering days will be reduced to two days per week.
  • Residents may only wash vehicles if the hose is equipped with a shut-off nozzle. (Commercial car washes that use low-volume and recirculating water systems are permitted to operate.)
  • Stage 2 enforcement begins August 15.

"We know that Roseville residents will step up to reduce their water use, as they have done in previous droughts,” Bigley added. “Reducing water by 20 percent is the prudent next step to ensure our community and economy can continue to thrive in these conditions. With our water infrastructure investments and water supply agreements, we have ensured that the water we save now will be available to us next year, when water supply conditions could become even tighter.”

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