Roseville’s actions to diversify water supply sources

Updated August 05, 2021
Roseville’s actions to diversify water supply sources

In addition to the water conservation mandate and long-term efforts to improve water use efficiency, Roseville is expanding and accelerating projects that diversify water supply sources and ensure water reliability during drought conditions. These projects include:

  • Groundwater storage/recovery: In recent years, Roseville has been enhancing its ability to pump water into the groundwater basin during wet years and it recover during dry years. The City has started pumping from its groundwater wells to offset up to 20 percent of water deliveries from Folsom Lake and help maintain water levels in the reservoir. The City is also accelerating the construction of two additional wells to be operational in the next 18 to 24 months.

  • New water delivery pipeline: Roseville is actively developing a new pipeline to deliver water from the upper American River and reduce reliance on Folsom Lake.

  • Long-term agreements: Last year, Roseville secured a new contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to receive surface water stored at Folsom Lake in perpetuity. In addition, Roseville has contracted with Placer County Water Agency for additional surface water supplies. Most recently, the City’s agreement with PCWA provides Roseville with a credit for water that it conserves in 2021.

  • Comprehensive planning: Roseville continues to address water supply reliability through long-term, comprehensive planning. These planning efforts have led to the expansion of the City’s robust water recycling program, which can deliver 1 billion gallons of recycled water annually for use throughout the City and in neighboring communities. These efforts also inform the City’s approach to economic development to ensure that new growth areas are more water efficient and pay for new water supplies and necessary infrastructure.

When water conservation efforts are successful combined with thorough planning and investments in alternate and backup supplies, Roseville will meet demands during drought conditions now and into the future. For more information about Roseville’s water planning, visit

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