Your water quality is our top concern

Updated January 11, 2022
Your water quality is our top concern
We run thousands of tests at each part of the water treatment and distribution process to ensure that drinking water is safe, clean, and sustainable when it reaches your tap.

And, each year, we are required by state and federal law to produce a report that looks at Roseville’s water quality. The great news is: your drinking water routinely meets or exceeds these standards.

Some customers have informed us that businesses are advertising products and services to improve water quality in Roseville and, in some cases, doubted the purity and quality of the water we provide.

If you have questions about water quality, please visit our water quality report page or contact our water customer service staff at (916) 774-5750 as a first step to learn more. The report highlights testing results and the analysis for the year, our water sources, and more.

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