career headerTo run a utility operation, it takes a variety of people to get the job done -- from support staff, financial planners, and tradespeople to engineers, garbage truck drivers, and hydrologists. 

In Roseville, our purpose is to deliver high-quality, reliable utilities to our customers so that when they turn the tap, water comes on. When they wash the dishes or flush the toilet, water is cleaned before it goes back into the environment. When they flip the switch, lights turn on. And making sure waste is put in its place by picking up trash and processing recyclables. 

But, there is something for everyone, at different experience levels and with a variety of certifications and higher education.


Types of jobs in electric, water, wastewater, and trash and recycling

Check out the types of jobs that comprise our suite of utilities broken down by education level. You can look at job summaries, other education requirements/certificates, and salary details at