Gale in Context Elementary: Make learning fun!

Updated August 19, 2022
Offered through the Roseville Public Library, Gale In Context: Elementary, A simple-to-use digital resource helps grade-schoolers become comfortable researching. 

Through newspaper and magazine articles, videos, images, graphics, and eBooks, elementary students can learn about everything from animals and outer space to famous artists and favorite athletes. The database is visual and intuitive, and rewards students’ efforts by developing comprehension and research skills to prepare them for middle school—and a lifetime of learning.

With Gale In Context: Elementary, kids have easier access to K-5 content—all in one place! This encourages them to move at their own pace through periodicals, videos, and more to find information on a wide range of topics with kid-friendly visuals and prompts.

Want to explore other fun factoids with your child? Access Gale In Context: Elementary now at