Wastewater collections crew earn statewide recognition

Updated March 23, 2022
Wastewater collections crew earn statewide recognition

For wastewater collections, their job is to ensure that the 575 miles of sewer pipe in our community -– enough to reach San Diego -- are well maintained. Given our outstanding maintenance programs, regulatory compliance, and safety and training efforts, our wastewater collections division received statewide distinction from the California Water Environment Association as Collection System of the Year in the large community category.

To achieve this recognition, we had to qualify at the local level, winning the chapter award in the same category just a month prior.

Our collection crews work hard so that when you shower, flush the toilet or do a load of laundry, that water flows uninterrupted to our wastewater treatment plants, where we process the waste out of the water before it is sent back into the environment.

"There is more than meets the eye with the work we do every day," says Dan Pruden, Superintendent for Wastewater Collections. "Our top priority is to have a system that is reliable and properly conveys the wastewater to our regional plants to maintain public health and safety of Roseville."

This distinction is a culmination of hard work and dedication, and we couldn't be more proud of the work, commitment, and passion for serving our fantastic community.

Did you know? Roseville operates a wastewater utility to treat water before it's delivered back to the environment. This is a natural process, and we speed up Mother Nature's work by:

  • Maintaining more than 575 miles of sewer mainlines, 280 miles of sewer laterals, and more than 12,000 manholes.
  • Operating two wastewater treatment facilities that can treat up to 30 million gallons of water daily. 
  • Delivering one billion gallons of recycled water annually.

For more information about our wastewater utility, visit Roseville.ca.us/sewer.