Mulch Mayhem is back this May

Updated March 22, 2022
Mulch Mayhem is back this May

Need mulch? Each Roseville water customer can pick up one cubic yard of mulch for free! If you have a truck we will load it for you with our loader.

It's that simple: mulch saves water. This free event is designed to help local residents get their landscapes and yards ready for the hot days of summer.

Mulch slows evaporation, moderates soil temperature and even controls weeds. As it breaks down, mulch also adds helpful nutrients to the soil.

It is estimated that residents can save 30 gallons of water for every 1,000 square feet just by adding two to three inches of organic mulch (e.g., leaves and wood chips) around trees and plants.

May 14, 2022
8 a.m. to noon (or until supplies last)
Cokeva front lot located at 9000 Foothills Blvd. (entrance located at 9100 Foothills)

Important things to remember:

  • Given space limitations, we will not have a hand fill area.
  • Customers will be required to bring an open bed truck or trailer and staff will load.
  • Limit 1 yard per customer (enough to fill a pickup truck), available for City of Roseville residents only. First-come, first-served until supplies are gone.
  • No shovels or wheelbarrows required.
  • No exiting vehicles on site.
  • Bark is brown, natural fir.

For questions or more information, please contact our water efficiency team at (916) 774-5761.