Roseville hosts utility 'field day' for high school students

Updated May 03, 2022
Last week, Roseville Utilities and the Utility Exploration Center hosted nearly 30 students from four surrounding high schools at various locations around the Corporation Yard in Roseville. Students observed and experienced many different career opportunities that comprise the utility industry.

2Roseville staffed each station with utility workers, specialists, and supervisors that gave demonstrations representing typical and extreme situations in the field. Both Environmental Utilities and Roseville Electric crews were able to display and talk about the tools and equipment of each specialty and show how they work as a team to achieve their mission of timely and effective service to Roseville utility customers.

3During their presentations, divisions were also able to provide a close look into operations, including citywide garbage truck routes, electrical grid monitoring, emergency rescue tactics, water treatment processes, and more.

Seeing is believing, and for some of the students, this was the first time they encountered the level of diversity in jobs that utilities have.

5“It was really cool seeing the electrical grid on one big screen and seeing how complex everything was, but also seeing how everyone knew what they were doing and how they worked together,” said Mason, an Antelope High School student and future Roseville Electric intern. “Coming here, you get to see first-hand all the engineering disciplines and how it fits into a real-world working environment.”

4With the success of the first time hosting a utility career event on-site, plans to continue this same approach to high school students are already underway.

“Our utilities had a moment to shine, allowing the students to feel like they were a part of that organization,” said Melissa Kinsey, Interpretive Services Specialist of the Utility Exploration Center and coordinator of the day’s outreach event. “I see this [event] flourishing over the years from this point forward.” 


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