Community creek clean-ups maintain our important waterways

Updated May 17, 2022
Roseville sits within three watersheds home to a network of creeks that flow through our community. These creeks require maintenance to restore their natural luster and maintain them as a community asset. And it takes community teamwork to help keep them clean.

In October 2021, Environmental Utilities’ stormwater program began hosting multiple Adopt-a-Creek clean-up events throughout the city. Outreach efforts led to residents in the community volunteering their time over the following months to refresh waterways that accumulated trash and other waste.

Approximately 6,320 pounds of waste were collected and removed from five clean-up events at three different locations. This wouldn’t have been possible without the 178 volunteers that pitched in.

“The turnout of residents volunteering for these events was incredible,” said Matthew Shadel, environmental compliance specialist for Environmental Utilities. “The increasing number of participants showed that the community was genuinely interested in keeping the waterways clean.”

With the ongoing support of the community and coordination from the stormwater division to continue these efforts, keeping the creeks clean and beautiful is nothing shy of achievable.

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