Resurfacing work resumes on arterial roadways

Updated June 02, 2022
The City of Roseville is resuming resurfacing that began last year on 65 lane miles of city streets. View a map of locations.

Keeping the city’s more than $1 billion roadway infrastructure in good condition is a priority. Regular resurfacing maintains Roseville streets at the lowest possible cost.

Stay alert and drive with care when you see crews at work. 


Construction resumed Monday, June 6 and is anticipated to be completed by fall 2022.

Keep an eye on digital message boards for current work dates and times in each area.

Working hours will vary depending on traffic volumes and scheduled in order to minimize disruption to motorists, residents, businesses and visitors. Night work may be necessary in some locations.

What you can expect

Roads will remain open during construction, watch for lane closures. 

Businesses and residents near the road work will be notified in advance of construction. 

Because the resurfacing treatment is comprised of liquid asphalt and aggregate, some gravel shedding may occur. This is normal and decreases over time. Streets will be regularly swept to remove debris. If you see an area that needs extra sweeping, please report it by emailing or calling (916) 746-1300. 


This project is funded with $8.3 million Federal Highway Infrastructure grant and Regional Surface Transportation Program, $1.4 million Highway Users Tax, and $4.4 million General Fund surplus dollars. 

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Have questions about the project? Contact Public Works - Engineering by emailing or calling (916) 746-1300.

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