Where does your trash go after it leaves your home?

Updated June 29, 2022
Where does your trash go after it leaves your home?

Each year, Roseville picks up about 130,000 tons of waste and takes it to the Materials Recovery Facility – known as the MRF (pronounced MURF). The MRF receives, separates, and prepares materials to sell for recycling using a combination of equipment and labor. The rest of the waste is sent to the landfill.
The MRF:

  • Recovers recyclable materials from mixed waste such as household trash or construction and demolition debris
  • Processes organics such as yard waste and food scraps for composting
  • Receives and processes source-separated recyclables such as cardboard and beverage containers
  • Recycles or properly disposes of household hazardous waste (HHW), including batteries, used motor oil and filters, and household medications

The MRF recovers what can be reused or recycled, which helps with landfill capacity by taking out valuable items and repurposing them. We need your help, though! Where possible, reduce the amount of waste you produce (only by what you absolutely need), reuse shopping bags or containers for food storage, and use drop-off sites and your trash bin to recycle.

Virtually tour the MRF!