Washington and All America City Boulevard Roundabout Project underway

Updated July 06, 2022
Construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Washington and All America City Boulevard is underway through summer 2023.

Upgrades also include new crosswalks, enhanced safety and accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians, extension of the nearby multi-use trail, landscaping and improved roadway aesthetics.

View a map of the design. 

Why a roundabout?

A roundabout is an efficient way of improving traffic flow and reducing speeds as vehicles enter the Historic Old Town and Downtown Roseville neighborhoods. It also provides another distinctive entry point into the area. 

Data from the California Department of Transportation shows that roundabouts reduce injury collisions by 80% and fatal accidents by 90% when compared to other types of intersections.

This intersection change is a required environmental mitigation measure following the expansion of @the Grounds. Additionally, it will optimize traffic flow in and out of the facility during events.

What to expect during construction

Stay alert and travel with care in the work zone. 

Working hours are anticipated for 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays. Keep an eye on digital message boards for current working hours and construction information.

Washington Boulevard will remain open during construction. Watch for intermittent shoulder and lane closures.

Please note the schedule is subject to change due to equipment, materials, weather, and other unexpected conditions.

Roundabout tips

More information

Learn more about the project by visiting roseville.ca.us/roundabout

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