Rendering of improvements

Rendering of proposed improvements

The City of Roseville is proposing improvements for the Atlantic and Vernon Street  ‘S-curve’ area to calm traffic, lower speeds, and reduce collisions.

Project area map

Proposed Improvements
  • Raised landscaped medians
  • Enhanced pedestrian crosswalks with lighting
  • Green bike lanes to improve visibility
  • Flashing beacons to alert motorists to lower speed limit zone
  • Lane reductions to slow vehicle speeds
  • Left-hand turning restrictions will be added at low volume intersections: Almond St., Atlantic St., Folsom Rd., Walnut St., and Jefferson St. to reduce high-frequency collisions. Emergency vehicle access will be provided.
  • Beautification

Cost & Funding

Proposed improvements are estimated to be approximately $500,000. The City of Roseville is 
currently applying and competing against other cities for grant funding from the State of California.


If grant funding is awarded, construction could take place within the next few years. 

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