New traffic signal on Taylor Road

Updated November 15, 2022
A new traffic signal has been installed at Taylor Road and the Golfland Sunsplash driveway to assist drivers and pedestrians. The signal is scheduled for activation on Thursday, Nov. 17. Please be prepared to stop. 

The signal will feature a flashing yellow left-turn arrow to reduce wait times when traffic is clear. A second flashing yellow left-turn arrow will be installed in the opposite direction when a new Golfland Sunsplash parking lot opens across the street in spring 2023.

When a yellow arrow flashes, you are allowed to cautiously enter the intersection to make your left turn after yielding to oncoming traffic, including pedestrians and bicyclists. Remember, oncoming traffic has a green light. When the pedestrian button is activated, the signal will switch to protected (green arrow) left turns only. 

Roseville’s first flashing yellow arrow was added in 2016 at Industrial Avenue and Freedom Way, several along Foothills Boulevard were added in 2020, and Junction Boulevard saw new flashing yellow arrow signals in 2021.

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