Let's make a splash: Roseville mayor joins national water conservation challenge

Updated March 31, 2023
Let's make a splash: Roseville mayor joins national water conservation challenge
Roseville Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt is teaming up with mayors nationwide to participate in the Wyland Foundation's National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation. From April 1 through April 30, the goal is to encourage Roseville residents to commit to managing our water resources more efficiently and responsibly by taking a pledge.

“Even though California has received a significant amount of rain and snow this year, it's important to stay vigilant about water conservation because we never know when the next drought will hit,” said Houdesheldt. “Like the Boy Scouts, we must be prepared. Building our water efficiency skills now can help us save water when necessary, regardless of the weather conditions. Don't underestimate the power of small actions when using water wisely. They can have a significant impact.”Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt

Roseville residents can take a simple yet impactful step towards conserving water by visiting mywaterpledge.com and making a pledge to reduce their water consumption. Participating in the pledge could help Roseville win prizes, including $3,000 towards your home utility payments, home improvement gift cards, irrigation products for your landscapes, and more.

“Water is a precious resource that we can't take for granted. Conserving water isn't just an individual effort, it's a collective responsibility to protect this valuable resource for future generations,” Houdesheldt added. 

In the previous year, more than 2,000 cities from all 50 states in the US participated in the pledge. They committed to reducing their yearly freshwater consumption by over 1 billion gallons, decreasing the amount of waste sent to landfills by 35 million pounds, and preventing almost 100,000 pounds of dangerous waste from entering our watersheds. 

This year, students from thousands of schools nationwide can also make water conservation commitments that directly support their city's standings. Conserving water and energy is important for our city's ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts. The National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation is an excellent opportunity to make a difference.