Construction Management Mission

The primary function of the Construction Management Section of the Development Services-Engineering Division is to support the City Engineer by providing construction management services to the development community and various City department staff for roadway infrastructure improvements within the City right-of-way and public utility easements. Inspection and other related services are offered to our city residents for minor encroachments into the City right-of-way areas. As inspectors, we help ensure that all improvements within City property are constructed in conformance with City approved Design and Construction Standards. We also protect water quality by safeguarding water runoff from construction sites and uphold the City’s stormwater ordinance.

Responsibilities & Duties

Private Development Inspection Services

  • Perform on-site inspection observation for compliance with City Construction Standards, for capital improvement, residential & commercial projects
  • Provide stormwater inspections for compliance with City Ordinances
  • Coordinate and administrate Citywide construction punch-lists for City acceptance and warranty requirements

Project Management Services

  • Provide resident engineer and inspector services for capital improvement projects
  • Preparation of Certificate of Compliance staff reports for City Council action
  • Administrate and Manage Professional Service Agreements for Citywide contracts
  • Review and approve community facility district construction reimbursement requests
  • Administrate City grading and encroachment permit insurance and security requirements
  • Manage City Design and Construction Standard revisions

Stormwater Enforcement and Compliance

  • Enforce City stormwater ordinance
  • Administrate City BMP Guidance Manual
  • Manage post construction quality maintenance program