An annual customer satisfaction survey allows the City and your Information Technology Department to measure the level of satisfaction with the business technology services we provide as well as the overall satisfaction with the department. The survey also captures essential customer feedback we use in our continual improvement efforts with the ultimate goal of providing excellent services to our customers.

Overall Performance Statistics

  Satisfied / Very Satisfied

Survey Questions / KPI / Benchmark

2010 (Baseline)

2011 (Current)

% Improvement

 1) Professionalism of staff



+ 9.30%

 2) Service provided in a timely manner



+ 25.52%

 3) Level to which your business processes are supported



+ 20.93%

 4) Degree to which you feel well-partnered with IT



+ 9.89%

 5) Ease of submitting service requests



+ 8.53%

 6) Technical proficiency of staff



+ 4.17% 

7) Overall customer satisfaction



+ 14.03%

Key Findings

  • 416 surveys were submitted through the web based survey program, representing 33.8% of the total city employees (1,230 FTE).
  • 96.4% of staff responses indicated they are satisfied / very satisfied with the professionalism of the IT team members.
  • 92.3% of those surveyed have interacted with the Service Desk in the past year.
  • Customer interaction with the IT has increased significantly ~15.2%, in large part due to the formation of the Technology User Group, increased participation in the Governance Process, and the IT Customer Outreach Program
  • 45.5% of staff surveyed work 31 hours or more per week using their computers to complete the work. In addition, 35.3% of staff worked more than 40 hours per week.
  • Overall customer satisfaction with services has increased significantly (88.6%), however customers felt aging technology continues to limit business growth and reduces operational efficiency.
  • IT has made significant improvement in all 7 performance areas, with the greatest improvement in timeliness and business process support.
  • Departments with more than 50% response rate were: Central Services, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Managers, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Planning & Housing.

Plan of Action

The IT department goal is to achieve overall customer satisfaction of 95% and the plan to do so is as follows:

  • Change business process for incident management to serve customers quicker.
  • Train in techniques for better customer service over the phone, email or in person.
  • Focus on cross functional team collaboration.
  • Standardize project communications and prioritization.
  • Conduct department outreach meetings to listen to the voice of the customer at all levels.
  • Strive to become more business focused and learn our customers business.
  • Create service level agreements.
  • Establish a technology fund for proactive asset management.