“It takes more than just voting to make democracy work. It takes a responsible, thoughtful public voice."- Dan Yankelovich, public opinion researcher
The Public Affairs and Communications Department serves as a liaison between the City and community groups, such as the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA), Sun City Government Affairs Committee, business organizations, such as the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, and other groups that interact with city government.

The focus is on developing and maintaining positive relationships with these community groups through regular communication, coordination and collaboration. Raising awareness of city-related operations and issues in a way that fosters constructive dialogue helps to ensure productive interaction and effective delivery of services.

The department also fosters community engagement through electronic city newsletters, a robust social media presence, issue-based podcasts and videos. Newer methods of interaction allow for an exchange of perspectives and include tools like FlashVote, Balancing Act and other interactive civic engagement tools.

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