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Feel free to investigate activities in all the sections, even if they are above or below your child's current grade level.

Father and daughter making crafts

Activities for all ages

Public Power Coloring Pages
Public Power Coloring Pages

Build and Blast Fog Clog
Fats, oils and grease (FOG) make big clogs in our sewer. Making your own clog can be fun... just keep it out of your pipes! Once you’ve made your clog, try using different tools to unclog it just like our wastewater workers do. 

Build a TP Vactor Truck
Create fun toys from toilet paper, paper towels or gift wrap cardboard tubes instead of throwing them away. Add extras to make your truck similar to our trucks: a vactor hose, a sprayer, a dumping bed or a robot trash can arm. 

World Oceans Day Plastic Alternatives Guide
If many of us act together, we can reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean and show the world that we demand less disposable plastic in our everyday lives. Use this guide to find plastic alternatives.

World Oceans Day Plastic Upcycle Crafts
Upcycling plastic helps reduce the amount that can end up in the environment and may help us avoid purchasing new plastic products. The more we can refuse single-use plastic and reuse what is already out there, the more sustainable our future will be. Together we can prevent plastic pollution!

Egg Carton Flower Wreath
1 - 2 hour hands-on activity
What is a common household item you might find in your trash? An egg carton! Americans today eat nearly 290 eggs per person each year. One way to make your egg consumption more environmentally friendly is to buy them in recycled paper or molded pulp cartons. Then repurpose some of those egg cartons into a beautiful wreath! Great gift idea for Mother's Day!

Bottle Cap Flower Garden Art
30 - 45 minute hands-on activity
Gather up some old bottle caps. (We won't judge what kind of beverages they come from!) Repurpose items that would normally be thrown in the trash to make some creative garden art. Perfect gift for Mother's Day!

FOG Jar Decoration
10 - 20 minute hands-on activity
Fats, oils and grease (FOG) cause large blockages if you send them down the drain. Make a FOG jar to collect that FOG and save your pipes.

Upcycled Cereal Box Organizer
30 - 45 minute hands-on activity
Spring cleaning? How about making an organizer out of cereal boxes to store magazines, papers and other clutter? You can organize your home and keep trash out of the landfill. It’s a win-win!

Upcycled Monster Corner Bookmark

10 - 15 minute hands-on activity
With some old paper and a little creativity, you can have some fun making a handy bookmark to hold your spot when reading. Bonus: you're reducing waste too! 

Earth Day Tips and Activities
10 minute - 1 hour hands-on activities
Protecting the earth is like protecting your own home. Each of us can make a difference by committing to learn more about our environment and how to care for it. Click the link to find activities and ideas on how you can make a difference all year long.

National Geographic's Earth Day
15 minute - 1 hour online games and activities
Discover games, videos, cool pics from 50 years ago, actions kids can take and activities to help you and your family celebrate Earth Day every day.

Utility BINGO Game
20 minute game
B-I-N-G-O! Print out this BINGO game and cut out each set. Challenge your family to see who can cross off five squares in a row - up, down or diagonal - first. Can you cross off all the squares? 

Upcycled Greeting Card
30 minute hands-on activity
Got old magazines or school work? Perfect! Follow these instructions to make an upcycled greeting card. You can reduce waste while letting your loved ones know you're thinking of them. 

Luci Creative Future Exhibit Designers
45 minute hands-on activity
Five super fun at-home make-a-museum activities for children. Create different exhibits to show off your cool collections or art projects.

Pacific Science Center Curiosity at Home 
30 minute online interactive site
Ignite your curiosity with streaming live science shows, hands-on STEM activities, tutorials and interviews. These educational activities and resources are meant to inspire and excite people of all ages about science.

Preschool (0 - 5)

Preschool Coloring Sheets
15 minute coloring pages
Your utilities keep the lights on, the water flowing and your trash picked up! What happens when you flush? What uses electricity in your house? What trucks do your utilities drive? Print out these pages and add some color to your utilities hard at work in your neighborhood!

Wastewater coloring page     Stormwater coloring page     Solid Waste coloring page     Electric coloring page     Drinking Water coloring page     Electric line truck coloring page     Garbage Truck coloring page     Utilities in your Neighborhood coloring page          Utility Exploration Center coloring page

We are Roseville Coloring Sheet
15 minute coloring activity
Show support and love for your community. Print out this page, color it and hang it in your front window. Take a picture and post it on social media with #WeAreRoseville. Visit www.roseville.ca.us/WeAreRoseville for other Roseville coloring pages and signs.

We are Roseville coloring page


W is for Water
20 minute hands-on activity
One of the most important resources on earth starts with W - Water! Practice your writing with the letter W, then color in the picture just for fun. 

Water Cycle in a Bag
1 hour hands-on activity
Build your very own water cycle to watch at home. Every drop of water on earth constantly cycles and no new water is ever created. Explore this process up close.

Trash Sorting Game

15 - 20 minute hands-on activity
Cut out garbage shapes and sort them by category depending on whether you would reuse, recycle, compost or trash them.

Earth Coloring Page
15 minute hands-on activity
We can do a lot to protect the Earth. Write some ideas of how you can help, then color the pictures. 

What Does It Mean to Be Green?
2 minute video
Enjoy this delightful Earth Day story read aloud. Learn to protect the earth's precious resources in this eco-friendly picture book. 
What does "being green" mean to your family?

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt
15 - 20 minute activity
Take a walk around your yard or neighborhood to discover natural items while practicing reading and recognition.

Create with Nature
10 - 30 minute outdoor hands-on activities
Get outside and excited about exploring nature. Use objects found in your backyard or local park to create beautiful art or build something new.

Save Water to Help the Earth
3 minute video
Where do you use the most water? Watch this quick video for easy ways to save this important resource every day in your own home. Discuss how you used water today and ways to use less water. 

Michael Recycle Storytime
5:20 minute video
The town of Abberdoo-Rimey is trashy and slimy! Follow this story down the path to cleaning up our community in a fun rhyming storybook. Are there any ways you can be a recycling hero in your town?

1st Grade

Light and Shadows for Kids
5 minute video
Check out this fun video about light and shadows. Start your exploration of shadows and how they can help with energy savings. Grab a flashlight and experiment with items around your house to see how much light they let through. Discuss the difference between transparent and opaque and what you could use to block out the sun.

Shadow Tracing
20 minute outside activity
Have you seen shadows on the sidewalk? Use these shadows to create your own art. Let your artistic side shine through.

Shadow Puppet Show
60+ minute hands-on activity
Create your own shadow puppet theater. What kind of creatures
can you make? Use them to tell a story. Invite your family to watch your shadow puppet show. 

Chillin' in the Shade
10 minute drawing activity
Roseville summers get really hot. You can help keep your house cool with trees! Block the sun's heat from entering the house on this worksheet by drawing a tree in the right place.

Utilities at Work Coloring Sheet

15 minute coloring activity
Get out your colored pencils and have some fun finishing this neighborhood where all your utilities are hard at work.
Utilities at Work coloring page

Remote Control Roller
10 minute hands-on activity
Time for a quick science snack. Use two common household items to learn about static electricity. Race a soda can across the floor with a balloon.

Make Your Own Lightning
3 minute hands-on activity
Zap! Let's make a spark. Explore electricity and create your own lightning. How big of a lightning bolt can you make?
Children doing science experiment

2nd Grade

Solid or Liquid?
5 minute hands-on activity
Identify the world’s water as solid or liquid in this quick worksheet. Discuss what kind of water you think we use the most.

All the Water in the World
30 minute hands-on activity
There's a lot of water in the world. But is it all drinkable? Discover how much of the water on our planet is available to us and why we can’t use it all in this fun, counting activity. 

Water Water Everywhere, But How Much Can We Drink?

3 minute video
If two thirds of the earth is water, what’s the big deal about conservation?  This short video shows how much of the earth’s water is available for people to use and the ways we use it in the United States and other countries. Discuss how your family can use water wisely and whether or not you think saving water is important.

Water Matching Game

10 minute online game
Don't drain the tank! Play this card matching game and sharpen your memory skills while exploring ways to save water.

Wasteland Nightmare Comic Book

30 minute online reading and puzzles
Let's be trash talkers. Learn about reducing waste and become a Planet Protector. Complete the word scramble and activities inside. Please note: due to file size, it may take a few moments for the comic book to load.

Wasteland Nightmare Comic Book

Water Wise Challenge
5 minute online game
Become a water droplet and run away from water wasters while discovering ways to save this important resource. Can you collect all the water before the wasters get you?

Water Pollution Blaster
20 minute online game
Help protect the water cycle. Blast away all of the pollutants and keep our waterways clean.

Make Your Own Recycled Paper
45 minute hands-on activity
Become a paper maker. Learn about a cool new way to recycle by creating your own paper for your next art project. 

Stormwater Activity Guide
30 minute activity book
Learn about the water that flows from our storm drains right to our creeks through fun activities like a word search, a maze, a word scramble and more.

Stormwater activity book

3rd Grade

Generating Electricity
2 minute video 
Wondering how magnets are used to create electricity? This short video shows just how it is done. Can you name all the items in your house that use electricity? Discuss your ideas on how to use less electricity at home.

Magnet Maze
20 minute hands-on activity
As you learn about magnets and the pull they have with the metal community, why not put them to the test? Build your own maze and see if you can use the force to guide a magnet to the finish line.

Build an Electromagnet
45 minute hands-on activity with parent help 
Turn an ordinary nail into a magnet. See how strong of a magnet you can make and amaze your friends with your new skills.  

Magnet Word Search
10 minute worksheet 
Learning about magnets and electricity can be polarizing. Some people are attracted to the subject and others are repelled by it. Take a few minutes to search for some of the common terms you can use to power your way through this topic. 

Magnet Hunt Game
20 minute online game 
Challenge yourself to use the tools to find the magnets buried in your yard. Watch the magnetic fields appear before your eyes. Discuss which tool worked best to find the magnets. What else could you use to find them? 

Discover Water
30 minute online games
Discover the important role of water in our lives through exciting online games and activities. What can we do to protect our water supply and keep it clean? 

Ghost House Mystery Comic Book 
30 minute online reading and activities
Is there a phantom in your house wasting electricity? Join our team of Planet Protectors and learn where phantom energy comes from and how to stop it. Please note: due to file size, it may take a few moments for the comic book to load.

Ghost House Comic Book

Egg Drop Challenge
15 - 30 minute hands-on activity
Don't break the egg! Design and build an egg protector to deliver a raw egg safely to the ground when dropped from on high. Explore like an engineer would - ask, imagine, plan, create, improve.

Wacky Water Adventure
15 minute activity book
We need water to live. Go on an adventure to discover where drinking water comes from and how it's cleaned through puzzles, activities and trivia.

4th Grade

Where Does Energy Come From?
4 minute video
Look around. How many of the things around you require energy? Watch this cool video that explains where that energy comes from and how it changes so that we can use it. Discuss what the word "renewable" means. What type of energy source would you pick to power your own community?  

Pizza Box S'mores
60 minute hands-on food experiment
Let’s make S’mores! All you need is the power of the sun and a few items from around the house to make a delicious treat.

Homes of the Future
45 minute worksheet
We have the imagination to create anything. Take a walk inside and outside your home. Is there some way you could make it better? Could you put in solar panels or plant trees near your windows to be efficient?

Mystery Science: What If There Were No Electricity?
30 minute hands-on activity
Investigate how electrical energy requires a circuit. Make your own mini flashlight from LEDs, button batteries and strips of aluminum foil.

Mystery Science: Where Does Energy Come From?
30 minute hands-on activity
Help a town get all the energy it needs. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different sources of energy - wind, solar and water - to bring power to the people.

Tale of Cruddy Creek Comic Book
15 minute reading and activities
Only rain in the drain! Join our team of Planet Protectors and help keep our creeks and streams clean. Complete the activities and word scrambles. Please note: due to file size, it may take a few moments for the comic book to load.

Cruddy Creek Comic Book

Flower Seeking Pollinators
45 minute activities
Bees? Please! Explore the magic behind how plants are designed to attract pollinators. Create a new plant, make an imaginary garden and learn about the importance of pollinators in the world.

Look, Listen and Discover
20 - 45 minute activity, depending on length of walk
Water is connected to everything around us. Take a walk around your neighborhood and
find the nearest storm drain or closest creek. Point out how water affects the plants and animals. Use this guide to ask questions about the importance of water in the world.

Design Your Own Garbage Truck
45 minute hands-on activity
Create your own garbage truck using items you have at home. Incorporate two simple machines — a wheel/axle and a lever — into your design. Choose materials and engineer solutions suitable to build your truck, then race it to measure distance and calculate speed.

5th Grade

Food Chain Game
15 minute online game (flash player needed) 
Line up each species and balance their ecosystem in this online interactive game. What happens when there aren't enough plants? What about predators or decomposers? Discuss where you are in the food chain. Follow the chain of one of the ingredients in your dinner from start to your plate and talk about what would happen if one of the links went missing.

Make the Most of Compost 
5 minute video 
Garbage overflowing? Want to make less waste and create healthy soil at the same time? Watch this quick, fun video on what compost is and the basics of keeping a compost bin healthy in your own backyard. Discuss who besides families could compost in your town. If you started your own compost bin what would you put in it and where would you keep it? 

Make Your Own Mini Compost
1 hour hands-on building activity
Create your own compost bin. Learn how nature recycles garbage to create nutrients for living things. Use the Compost Observation Journal below to observe decomposers in action. What decomposers do you think will be observable? Any crawling critters or just mold and bacteria?

Compost Observation Journal
3-5 observation sessions about 15 minutes each
Watching nature do the “rot” thing can be amazing with a little patience. Try these observations with your compost bin or Mini Compost (see above activity). Use this journal to record your decomposing observations and check out the resources included too. To print this booklet, we recommend 2-sided printing. Specify your pages to print landscape and flip on the short edge. Once printed, fold the booklet in half and check page order.

Thank you to Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Source Reduction and Recycling Board for the notes on compost critters and images. See Do The Rot Thing on their web page

Decomposers Matter Quiz Game
10-15 minute online quiz game from Kahoot!
Challenge yourself to test your knowledge on compost, decomposers and the food web. Invite your friends and family to play as a group! Can you outsmart your friends? Discuss what our world would look like without decomposers. (Kahoot! is a free online quiz platform; create an account or download the app and play for free.) 

Mystery Science: When You Turn on the Faucet, Where Does Your Water Come From?
25 minute hands-on activity
Explore the existence of underground water. Play a game to select the best site to build a town by evaluating the features of the landscape, plants in the area and clues from the soil. Then decide where to dig a well.

Mystery Science: How Much Water is in the World?
25 minute hands-on activity
It's called the Blue Planet, but how much water is on earth? Use estimation and graphing to discover the surprising difference in the amounts of fresh and salt water on earth.

Electricity Circuit Builder
30 minute online game
Turning on a light bulb isn't always as easy as just flipping a switch. Play through different levels to create a closed circuit that gives you the brightest light.

Cookie Mining
45 minute hands-on activity
Mine chocolate chips out of cookies to demonstrate the effects mining can have on habitats. Think of ways to find resources without being destructive. Then eat the cookies!

Engineers Speak for the Trees - The Lorax by Dr. Suess
45 minute activity sheet, 2 1/2 hour movie
After reading or watching The Lorax, draw a community that meets the needs of its residents but also keeps its natural resources. Balance the needs of the environment with the needs of humans. Learn how engineers protect the environment through reducing pollution, protecting natural resources and creative city planning.

Energy-Efficient Design Activity
30 minute video and hands-on activity
Explore how engineers and architects design buildings to save energy. Watch this video, then draw your own energy efficient building or house. What features can you add to save energy?