The City of Roseville issues hydrant permits as a water source for construction, demolition, dust control or similar purposes. The permit authorizes the applicant to operate a particular fire hydrant for the purpose of obtaining water on a temporary basis.

To request a Hydrant Permit, please complete the Hydrant Permit Application Form.

Backflow Inspection - Please fill out the Backflow Inspection Form.

Backflow Repair - Please fill out the Backflow Repair and Reinspection Form.

If requesting to pull from a private hydrant, an Owner Authorization form must be completed and submitted along with the Hydrant Permit Application. See Terms and Conditions in application for full disclosure of permit requirements.

Completed forms should be mailed to the City of Roseville Water Distribution Division at 2005 Hilltop Circle, Roseville CA 95747, Suite 200 or emailed.

Hydrant permit fees

  • Fire Hydrant Application Fee: $283
  • Usage Rate $1.59 per hundred (100) CCF
  • Meter and Backflow Monthly Rental: $110
  • Equipment Deposit: $2,669
  • Backflow Retest: $75.40
To request or for more information contact Water Distribution Customer Service.

Recycled water permit
Although potable water permits are available, customers can also take advantage of recycled water hydrant permits for dust control, soil conditioning, and street sweeping. View map of where recycled water is available. To request a Recycled Water Hydrant Permit, please complete the Recycled Water Permit Application and Agreement form.

All hydrant users are required to have a permit. Using a fire hydrant without a permit is in direct violation of the Municipal Code 14.08.130.

Revocation of Permit: Hydrant permits may be revoked without notice for failure to comply with any of the terms, conditions and instructions included on the permit or under emergency circumstances as determined by the City of Roseville. We reserve the right to not reissue a permit to any permit holder that has violated any clause in the hydrant policy or any terms and conditions of the permit.