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Get outdoors and explore our trails. Did you know that the City of Roseville has over 40 miles of trails? Take the summer challenge and see just how awesome these spaces are. Whether you bike, walk, run or roll there is a trail for you.

Summer 2023 Challenge
From May 29-August 5 visit different trails, while there, be sure to bring your very own Trail-a-bration Passport. Once you arrive at the trail, locate the Trail-a-bration sign, there will be a unique code for each trail on the back of the sign. Record this code on your passport to show that you have visited that trail.  We have gone ahead and identified 9 trails that we want to highlight to receive an official stamp. At the end of the challenge, whether you have 1 stamp or all 9 stamps, we have a prize for you.  

Trail-a-bration Passport

Trail-a-bration passports will be available for pick up at any one of our 3 library locations starting May 15 or you download your copy here.

9 Trail Checkpoints:

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Don't want to stop exploring? Here's a map of all trails.

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Mark your calendar to attend the CommUNITY Picnic at Royer Park, 11 am-1 pm. Find the Trail-a-bration booth to turn in your passport to win a prize. Those completing all 9 trails, and receiving the 9 different stamps in their passport, can enter into a raffle for an even bigger prize.

Can't attend the event? Take your passport to any one of our 3 libraries, after August 5 to turn in your passport for a prize. Prizes available while supplies last. 
Please call 916 774 5748 to report any issues.

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