Dominick Casey was appointed City Manager on August 15, 2018. He had served as Acting City Manager since April 2018.

In 2016, Casey was appointed as assistant city manager, overseeing police, fire, public works, parks, recreation, and libraries, and central services. He moved to Roseville in 2011 when he was hired as Roseville’s director of parks, recreation and libraries, after 10 years in various management positions at the City of Henderson, Nevada.

“This has always been about more than the job. For me, it’s a calling to serve as city manager in this dynamic, growing community where I’m raising my family,” said Casey.  “Over the decades, Roseville’s innovative, well-informed decision-making has brought us the community we enjoy today.”

“But as we plan for our future, I recognize we’re in the midst of a world that is changing profoundly and rapidly. That’s why I’m looking forward to working with the Council and the community to create a new vision—one that will best position our city both to withstand and to thrive during these changing times, laying a strong foundation for our future.”

As City Manager, Casey will continue to oversee a citywide budget of half a billion dollars, including a general fund budget of around $155 million, along with more than 1,000 employees and 14 departments.

Roseville is one of California’s few full-service cities, which owns its own electric, water, wastewater and solid waste utilities, along with providing police, fire, public works, development, and parks, recreation and library services.

Being a full-service city is an important draw for business attraction and retention since it allows Roseville to have streamlined control of all the community’s key public services.  This has earned Roseville a reputation as a business-friendly city with a high standards for its municipal services and quality of life.

Casey is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and received a master’s degree in management from Chadron State College. Casey lives in Roseville with his wife and four children.

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